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way onto today's bookshelves. admission free accreditation free in-store charges free. range missile free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media dog our teeth on tom.
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hello again a welcome to spotlight the interview show on r t i and i went on and today my guest on the show is of like the american people what. russian writers like telstar and thus the esky are hugely popular in the uk but i like the great classics modern russian that the ship is almost unknown abroad one of the arguments is that the words modern writers rarely get translated what's wrong with promotion of rush never trouble and will attempt to get that we're asking the deputy director of the federal russian agency for print and mass media like you never get what. publishing experts say to translation in russia leaves much to be designed for the most celebrated literature was translated into foreign languages many years ago and now the industry has almost halted recently the government has done some steps to
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remedy the problem these include the. foundational research used to promote and harmonize the work of the translators and a special prize called rochelle stablished to recognize excellence be our search. is a good and welcome to the show thank you thank you very much for being here i will first of all i want to ask you a news related question we've been hearing. in the news is that your agency is becoming the principal state body supervising internet in russia well this is the web actually need government supervising what's your opinion. well. it's not really correct not supervisor meeting that. you know if we're talking about the technical aspects of internet it's supervised by the minister of
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communications because talking about the content is not supervised by anyone. probably except for the existing set of laws starting from the constitution so the propaganda of. war nationalism if a bit and we have also decide to set of laws which are super late in the propaganda of terrorism is also forbidden. so there are a law enforcement agencies were taking care of you know all the ip addresses who are you know involved in that sort of proverbial let's get more specific there was several statements by law enforcement officials in this country in russia and after these statements they're growing fears that the states is planning to use restrict the freedom of internet in this country if you know what i'm talking head like we
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should know what the russians are reading what else i would know what this question is also was disputable. and all the you know streeters of population of russia are very sensitive about you know any news coming from any state border which you know touching upon internet as. the communication issue but at the same time there are certain principles which is still under discussion with different bodies of russian government. first and foremost. from. propaganda. our of terrorism. secondly our our our state our palm and is working on the new or burning state building child pornography. and internet communications in
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child pornography and we would like not only our school children not only our. children library to ban the access to that type of. of information to the but we also would like to to to ban it inside russia. and at the same time the the the the mass communication people are always. looking at any attempt to make an m member too just in lourdes as the attempt to to you know to reduce the. somehow to affect their liberties so it's always a discussion and i don't know whether. this information about any any any real steps to to introduce anything with the
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you know mass communication agenda is. adequate i doubt it and the other end of the news related question about the the competition between the print media and the online publication the great problem. around the world with print media competing with internet publications what's happening in russia what's the circulation in russia print media is a dropping or is it was standing the competition it's stopping happily so we are. well we just in the same process in. in russian print media as any other country in the world like united states of america or western european countries it's. you know quite a noticeable drop of. printer ins and if you take into account also the the territory of russia and. it's not
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easy to deliver any newspaper to a far distant place somewhere in siberia despite the fact that russia is equipped with the system of decentralized printing sometimes it's. this issue is it's quite sensitive especially for the daily newspapers. and at the same time we are developing you know digital coverage. for television and broadcasting around russia it will be i think will succeed with or with that program by two thousand and fifteen. including you know the launch of. to the outer space of the new generation of russian communication satellites and we i think will build getting all our you know villages and small
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towns will be getting access to brought to brought internet by two seventy two thousand and seventeen i've heard of that meeting that means that. all dissidents of russia will get the access to you know electronic version of any free media i've heard is in the news the other day that by year two thousand and fifty there will be no more paper magazines and newspapers well no we talking about the competition say of paper and plastics paper and silicon or are we talking about the. appearance of a new means like the newspapers from being just and means of information are moving into internet rather becoming communication being information it is about paper or is it about a new way of communicating or says about the new way of communicating. you know there's two things. we have to take in consideration first there's not that
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huge drop of the production of paper in the world despite of the new means of communication despite of you know the drop of the print trans somehow printers are still. still enjoying you know orders from advertise from all the other medias including advertising secondly. books are a piece of art so they'll be a competition between other try to book and and. paper book but both of them will be existing. as far as some printing newspapers and magazines this should be something which will be. offering advertisers to pull the air that are going on so. what i'm talking about that. the media will be developing both ways. as part of the business and part of the culture
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says that a goodie goodie of deputy director of the russian federal agency for print media spotlight will be back shortly after we take at great things with. wealthy british scientists some. time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report.
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even the books of. the sacred. life. whether it is a produced print. or a shamanistic mature. crossroads of religion. faith and strong spirit. welcome back to spotlight i'm aware of and just to remind you that my guest in the studio today is led to mitigate it would have deputy director of the russian federal agency for print and mass media. well let's talk about literature i know that your latest interest as an individual is translations translations of lush russian literature into foreign languages i know that you you say you've run
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a news conference recently introducing a new institute of translations out of some institution rather that will be responsible for that does that mean that there is a serious revival of interest to russian literature around the world or you want to promote such. well there was always a certain interest to the russian literature around the world. but. the problem is so if you're getting. through the. any bookstore whether you are in new york or in paris you certainly are circling you know sort of meeting the books by tolstoy or does the u.s. effort. sometimes you're also getting somebody in or sold units in the past or not. which is not the case with the more than russian literature
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only you know a dozen of russian writers who are. the first probably russian writers have been translated and the foreign languages. there are several you know. problems that. we're facing that the moment one of that is the. lack of infrastructure i mean by even sort of fiction if you want talking about the action for talking about which. we're talking about fiction we're talking about poetry where talking about. we're talking about russian currently three processes so first is the lack of written infrastructure. by the lack of infrastructure i mean that there is no a specialized literary agent says no literary agent or literary agents working with the russian literature secondly it's always risky to publish
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new names so what we're trying to do is just to set up we've just set institution which will be supporting. both the translators and publishers the translation from the russian language into the foreign languages and the publishers were would like to respond to to introduce the new name. of the rational thought oh oh. this institution will be also organized in seminars will be organizing specialized schools for sloppiest for linguists would like to deep they're not the chin the russian language russian literature will facilitate their meeting with the. russian authors and all the russian situations linguistic institutions what currently involved in promoting transliterate recently will couple minutes ago when talking about the future of books he said that that
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that that lies in two routes because it's a piece of art and because it's business when selecting the books that should be translated what's your main principle and so i think is that it is a business or it or is that there just a quality. or both both both sometimes it's difficult but you know if you ask me as they represent of the russian you know governmental office i would say i would like to set up a direct communication between russian publishers and foreign publishers and set up you know a business route of it if you're talking to me or see a humanitarian or the person who was in the publishing business for twenty years and then. been a reader and admirer of literature as well as. the organizer of the biggest russian literary work in russia in here. i would say.
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about art. well actually russia was this year's market focus country at the london book fair spotless you know that neither has more and this attempt to impress british readers with new names in russian literature. it might be down to tolstoy does the yes and check up the russian jew in the status of the guest of war not at the fortieth london book fair but the hundred russian writers and seventy publishers who attended were intent on promoting the merits of a much more contemporary brand of russian literature the fair featured authors well known in their homeland as well as up and coming contributors showcasing a cross-section of more than literature abroad is just one way for russia to promote its writers another one is encouraging translators to deal with books by new authors to help the process along the russian federal agency for going to mass
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media is founded the institute of translation this will hand out grants for to slay sions from russian into other languages and new writers expect priority to be given to english in the belief this is the best way to promote more than russian literature globally books published in britain or the us and get in reviews in english language magazines they scouts grab their attention up their reading public names alone side those boys as they have in check of two the least of russian must reads. after the b.b.c. radio launched a series based on a silly grossman's life and fate this book became well a great hit in the end london that in there and it and ahead in the united kingdom bookstores well will russia use this opportunity to to to sustain
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sustained interest. i would say that it's not it's not just the. event introduced by b.b.c. if we're talking about. adaptation of any great novel we have probably the same effect anywhere in the world if you remember a couple of years ago the russians in the vision make the number dictation of a series. by the city of city and then you know fathers of russian you know readers. went to the bookstores to to buy this idea to buy the book so it's it's you know all these tie ins very effective in promoting reading promoting books promoted to shame promoting reading so if you ask me would i like to. make a serious on. on the contemporary great russian novels with b.b.c. i would sort of love to listen but promotion adaptation as he just said is all the
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stereotypes it's largely about creating stereotypes now after this b.b.c. series the brits are calling grossman grossman's now novel the the greatest russian novel of the twentieth century well what's wrong with good old dr zhivago what's wrong with with leo tolstoy who wrote in the twentieth century as well as the nineteenth century is it fair creating a new stereotype to promote something new and said well i mean instead of the good all things you know what. i would put it the other way if if people read if any piece of art. even the reader show. stimulating people to read them. let's discuss the ratings and the waters. with the people read on the do not treat because the problem
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of promotion of reading is. evident both for the united kingdom and russia as well. we're trying to do. to take a lot of you know experience from from non-governmental organization of the united kingdom to promote reading specifically. to schoolchildren. this is a big problem for european civilization the new generation is not very eager to read literature you know somebody told me that if one of the main. main standards for for the state of economy of the country is is the rate of the sales of new cars one of the main standards for. two to value the the the state of literature in the country is it is it possible to live on writing in a country so a russian writer and russian author if he of course he's not writing cheap
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detective stories can you live on it. that's a good question. may i ask you whether the american writer a british writer can relieve only on his. own his wealth present i don't know and i'll tell you why. probably they probably they all are professors at university exactly thanks exactly so if you think in only ten twelve twenty bestselling authors in any country they can leave and sustain you know the living standards on their altars. if you're talking about the big literature. i doubt it i doubt that any any big literary name is. not doing something else for his living working as a professor as a consultant. another interesting thing about about translations you said we're talking about fiction about poetry but. thousands and maybe millions of people.
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around the world get their knowledge about russian about russian culture russian history by reading books by authors abroad who don't have the best knowledge about about what they're writing there are lots of russian history book russian books and russian culture that need to be translated into languages is that a girl you're setting feels exactly exactly. if you're talking about nonfiction it serve the same goal as as a fiction are as well as. you know promoting our best scholars to be translated into the foreign languages on there are certain areas in the world which which are asking us to provide us to provide with the. with tags books with science
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books with encyclopedias on there. and we're trying to to to promote our scholars abroad as as well as big writers you mentioned e-books. distributed. in the internet as one of the means of quick distribution and sharing of information but if i'm not mistaken prime minister putin recently declared a war on free distribution of of all books in the internet is russia going to sort of or try to to put purposeful certain regulations did. principled and never declared they were against internet and the i met yeah yeah unlimited access to he had a meeting with the russian book could union which is say. association of russian publishers who were recently put on what they'd put out. they would like to get something from from abandoned sea of offers from different you know.
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sites in internet introducing free or for. for free any russian or for any any piece. of literature so the big problem in question is that how to fight to get piracy how to organize the law enforcement again part in the help of internet and. i will prime minister understands the issue and he he's introduced just a special governmental commission on you know define intellectual property as well . that pertains to the. distribution movies through tolerance and abuse in the literature as well ok thank you thank you very much for being with us today and just a reminder that my guest on the show was allowed you know to go to deputy director
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of the russian federal agency for print and mass media and that's it for now from all of us here spotlight we'll be back with more on tom and. in russia until then same party and take it.
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street they have to. leave the sentence of when you're going to choose instead to get a book for example the status of the human experiment is it succeeding or will. we pursue a prognosis in this rap music or was it just goes to the movies allegedly trying to make sense of global economy and its arcane trends and us financial temples each of
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the research scrambling to maintain our confidence in markets and thinking on the primitive wants to be seen trade imbalances recession to keep emissions close to collapsing a subprime loan foreclosed homes people. to fail so ripple a banks again feel a little like think is the u.s. crash and imminent smash the ceiling team feels it's like ultimate in the transition athens three of the i.m.f. import strikes me on just programs increase the total economy. ok. to be soo much brighter if you move out song from funds to pressure inside. these firms don't totty don't come.
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a war dragging on for a decade the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan passes the ten year mark with the taliban defeat nowhere in sight and human cost that's rising faster than ever. meanwhile in the u.k. enough is enough say protesters calling for a speedy troop withdrawal they gather in london to mark the afghan wars tenth anniversary. anti-corporate sentiment spreads fast across the u.s. the occupy wall street movement is criticized for lacking organization but proves it's far from chaotic it is in it for the long haul. and artie's close a team travels to a land of ground the state's once the homes of prominent russian poets and princes and meets the people who struggle to preserve what remains of that bygone splendor .


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